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Subject: Dog Pound Daze, part 3Dog Pound Daze, part 3 by lennoxbearaol.comThe following is continuation of characters presented in Feelings of
Security and To Folsum and Beyond.NOTE: This story includes references and descriptions to gay, male to male
sex, if such matters offend you, please exit. Also, actions of a sexual
nature occur in this story which are not a statement supporting unsafe
sexual practices, this is a work of fiction and fantasy.
Bill and Steve were waiting for Tom when he got home from the gym. Eric
had not come home yet. He helped them carry their stuff to the guestroom
and get comfortable. A quick call to the office only got the voice mail
system with no messages from Eric anywhere. He figured he would start to
workout and not wait for Eric. Bill and Steve came down to checkup on him
as he was downing one of the Pratt protein shakes. They decided to do a
second workout with him and both scarfed down shakes.About an hour into the workout, Tom started to get a little concerned.
Eric was always prompt and never one to just not do what he said. Bill and
Steve pushed him through a heavy-duty arm set and suggested they relax in
the sauna for awhile. Tom gave a quick call to Marsh as the two insistent
men pulled off his clothes. Marsh told him Eric had left at his usual time
but seemed much more preoccupied than normal. He was generally a very
easygoing guy but he seemed to be bothered by something and neither he nor
Jack had a clue. As far as they knew, he didn’t have an appointment or
meeting that night and unless something had come up, should have been home
by now. But that didn’t mean that something could have come up about which
they weren’t informed.By the time Tom hung up the phone, Steve had sucked down Tom’s big dick and
was smacking his face with it while Bill sank his tongue between Tom’s
sweaty ass Preteen Vagina cheeks. Tom knew the supplements Tom Pratt had given them had
natural herbs to enhance sexual drive and he felt himself giving into the
two humpy men who Preteen Vagina were no doubt feeling the effects of the shakes
themselves. They dragged Tom into the playroom and helped him into the
sling. Tom put his head back and sucked down Steve’s hard cock while Bill
attached the suction toy to his already erect nips. The suction on his
tits soon had Tom moaning as Steve rammed his throat. Bill began working
Tom’s ass with an assortment of toys and dildoes moving gradually from
small to super size. Eric had purchased one King Kong sized dick as a
joke, but Bill decided to see if Tom could handle it. As he lubed the
rubber phallus, Steve began sucking Tom’s throbbing dick. Tom was limp in
the sling as Bill began pushing in the head of the toy. Tom gave a slight
gasp but the head of the ass splitter quickly plopped into place. Bill’s
eyes opened wide in amazement as the giant battering ram slowly slid into
their buddy. Tom began to moan loudly with Steve’s cock jammed down his
throat. Steve soon got a face full of Tom’s cum as the rubber toy set him
off.Bill slowly fucked the beefy muscle butt with what amounted to a small
tree. Tom Preteen Vagina was thrashing in pleasure. He was in a full blown sweat with his
nips being sucked into sizes they had never been before and his ass
stretched far wider than he had known. His balls were swollen to the size
of oranges and flopping from side to side. Steve pulled his dick out of
Tom’s mouth and detached the suction device. Tom screamed and shot off
another load. The two men helped him to his feet and carried him into the
sauna. Tom glanced at the dildo and shuddered.”How far did you have that thing in my ass?” He stroked Bill’s chest.”All the way buddy, shocked the shit out of me.” Tom lay face down on the
bench in the sauna and spread his ass.”Eric’s not here so you guys have to sub for him, fuck me now.” Steve
raised Tom’s waist a bit and pushed his cock into Tom’s raw hole. He
rammed the thrusting muscle butt and pinched Tom’s nips. Tom begged for
more. His butt was raised high in the air as he arched his back. Bill
climbed behind Steve and began fucking his partner. Tom felt the weight of
the two men heavy on his back and groaned in the pleasure of all that
muscle squeezing him against the hot wood of the bench. The three buddies
were soon a sweating, dripping mess as Steve shot a load up over Tom’s back
and onto the back of his neck. Bill pulled his not too shabby cock from
Steve and plugged Tom’s still begging ass. He felt Steve behind him,
wrapping his arms around the big furry chest to get to the sweaty nipples.
Tom pushed his ass up to meet Bill’s cock and soon felt another load of his
own cum sizzling on the wood under his stomach. Bill screamed and buried
his dick and cum in Tom’s red butt. The three men lay there for a couple
of minutes before Steve suggested they get out of the heat before they
totally melted.They pulled their socks back on and made a beeline for the master bathroom
and the glass block enclosed shower. Tom adjusted Preteen Vagina the jets. All three men
were soon soapy and hard. This time Bill bent over and offered his beefy,
seldom fucked ass to Tom. Tom more than gladly pounded Bill’s tight hole
as Steve filled his mouth with cock. Bill groaned as his body was pounded
from both ends. Tom squeezed his arms around his furry buddy and gritted
his teeth to keep from cumming. Bill felt Tom’s cock inside of him seem to
expand to even bigger proportions as he felt the hot cum fill him. Steve
shot his load on Bill’s eager face and goatee. The three of them held onto
each other out of breath. Bill’s thick furry forearms flexed as he held
himself up on the shower controls, another load of hot cum shot from his
throbbing cock.They finished showering and slipped on sweats. It was 9:00 PM, they hadn’t
eaten, had fucked each other and shot more than Preteen Vagina they thought Preteen Vagina possible and
still no sign of Eric. Tom and Steve did a quick dinner of steaks. The
three men relaxed as they ate in front of the TV and fireplace. By 10:45,
Tom was showing signs of being very worried and Bill suggested he call Vic.
Vic told him he would let his cop buddies know and to keep an eye out for
Eric, but that they couldn’t consider Eric a missing person just because he
missed one workout. Tom chuckled and realized Vic was trying to make him
relax. He told Tom to call him in the morning and give him an update. Tom
heard Joe moaning in the background.Tom sent Bill and Steve to bed even though they had offered to stay up and
wait for Eric. Tom hugged them and pushed them toward the steps. He
settled back onto the sofa under a warm blanket and watched the news.
About 12:30, he felt Eric’s kiss him on the forehead.Eric sat on the edge of the sofa and Preteen Vagina
rubbed Tom’s flattop. “I am so sorry,
I should have called you.”"Where were you, I was getting worried?” Tom sat up and hugged his lover.
Eric took a deep breath and let out a long sigh.”Something came up over some work and I just lost track of time.” He
rubbed Tom’s back and kissed him lightly on the neck.”Something wrong?” Tom could feel the tension in Eric’s body and the
muscled back was tight and hard.”No, nothing you need to worry about, let’s go to bed.” He pulled Tom up
and walked up the stairs with his arm around him. They climbed into bed
and Tom did as always, pulled Eric’s big arm over him and placed the long
cock between his thighs. He drifted off quickly against his protector.
Eric lay awake clinging to Tom.Don had been a smart addition to the personal training staff of the Dog
Pound Gym. His blond muscular good looks made him popular with everyone
and his expertise in PT and training kept his schedule hopping. He had
another new guy on the roster today and was surprised when this extremely
attractive, ruggedly built man showed up for the appointment. The guy
explained he had lifted for years Preteen Vagina
but wanted to fine-tune his routine to
optimize the results. Don had him go through his workout while he made
notes and logged everything that the guy did. He gave him many numerous
pointers and soon had him reconstructing his routine to give his body a
change.The guy was obviously interested in more than Don’s expertise with the
weights. He took advantages of every opportunity to rub his body against
Don’s and conveniently managed to brush the back of his hand against the
front of Don’s workout pants. As attractive as Don found this guy, he
didn’t appreciate the forward manner and kept his session strictly
professional. At the end of the hour, Don promised him more input for his
next workout and excused himself. He explained he was off duty in awhile
and wanted to do a quick circuit himself before he left. He had planned on
meeting Frank for dinner and politely left his client to do a few more
exercises on his own.Don worked through quick sets on the machines and headed for the showers.
Richard stopped him at the front desk and gave him a message from Frank who
was running about 30 minutes late.”Oh well, that’s nothing new. Hey, what do you think of this guy who I
just saw?” He pointed him out to Richard.”Hmm, he’s Preteen Vagina
in here all the time and I think takes every opportunity he can
to move on someone. He doesn’t Preteen Vagina
really talk to me much, guess I’m too old
for him.”"Well, he’s definitely hot but I don’t like to mix groping with training
and he managed to grope me a couple of times.”"Takes a certain talent.”"Yeah, I guess it does. In a bar, I would probably be hot for him but not
where I work. Never thought I would be that conservative. Must really be
Frank rubbing off on Preteen Vagina me.” He laughed and took off for the showers. Don
stripped and left his stuff in the employee locker room then checked out
the individual showers that were all filled. He headed for the communal
showers and found only two older men who were soon finished. They left Don
to steam himself of the aches and pains of constant workouts. A throat
clearing beside him broke him out of his reverie. He looked over to find
his new client soaping his beautifully sculpted body and flashing an
obviously growing cock. Don politely asked how the rest of his workout had
gone and Preteen Vagina began soaping his own body. The guy was not to be deterred and
soon was leaning close to Don with a full, rather impressive hardon. The
guy complimented him on his physique and casually brushed against Don’s wet
thigh.Try as he might, Don’s cock was betraying him and soon began to rise. Don
pulled back under the torrent of hot water and did his best to keep out of
reach of this guy.”Come-on buddy, you’re a good trainer, I just want to show my appreciation.
I’ve seen you in here with your old man, a younger man might be a nice
change. My equipment’s pretty good don’t you think?” Don shot him a
scolding glance and rinsed shampoo from his hair.”Look, you’re a well-built and obviously well-hung guy who could get anyone
he wants anywhere, but not me and not here. I don’t fuck around where I
work. I respect these guys and wouldn’t do anything to fuck up there
business, so sorry.”"OK, so how about we dry off and go back to my place?” Don felt a hot wet
hand on his left nip and another reaching at his out of control dick.”Man, what’s it take? I’m not interested, no offense. You probably should
get yourself another trainer too.” Don turned off his shower then reached
over and switched the jerk’s shower to cold. The guy shrieked and jumped
back.”Fucker!”"Not with me you aren’t.” Don grabbed his Preteen Vagina towel and with his hard cock
swaying from side to side and his nips fully erect he headed back to the
employee locker room. He dried himself off and slowly got dressed. He
paced himself to allow time to regain his composure. He mumbled under his
breath at himself for losing his temper. He looked at his watch and
figured Frank should be upstairs waiting for him. As he walked up the
steps, Red waved him over to the front desk.”Uh, I think we have to talk.” He motioned for Don to step into his office
and told him how this guy had just complained about his training session
with him and how Don had come on to him in the showers. Don instantly saw
red and went ballistic. He didn’t say anything but stopped to choose his
words carefully.Red waved him off and rubbed his shoulder. “The person and events this guy
described aren’t you, I know that, so what really happened? This Woody guy
is starting to really get on my nerves, so maybe Richard and I need to talk
with him about his membership privileges.”"I wouldn’t do that just yet, give him enough rope and he’ll hang himself.
I admit I got a hardon, but Red, you know me well enough to know I get hard
watching wrestling on TV. I’m into sleazy sex, Preteen Vagina but I have some
professional pride too. He’ll make the wrong move on the wrong guy if he
isn’t careful. Keep an eye on him but let me play him for the chump he is,
maybe we can teach him a lesson. He mumbled something about the guys he
has met here, including doing the owner. I’m sure he’s lying, cause I know
Tom wouldn’t do anything to screw up the business.”Red rubbed his shaved head and idly rubbed his nip. His perplexed look,
made Don chuckle. “I don’t honestly recall a time when Woody would have
been alone with Tom in the showers or the locker room. Doesn’t mean he
wasn’t but, despite our buddy’s penchant for sex, he has behaved himself
admirably. Let me think about this and don’t worry, we’ll talk later.
Frank is waiting for you in the cafe. Have a good night.” He hugged
the beefy trainer and sent him off to meet his lover.Red sat down and made some notes, which he placed, in a file marked
“Woody.” He felt he needed to get a little documentation under his belt on
this guy.Kyle and Mark decided to enjoy a rare evening out for dinner. As
struggling college students and lovers, they didn’t Preteen Vagina
have a lot of extra
cash to splurge and carefully watched their fun money. But Dan’s new
restaurant was doing very well and attracting an interesting crowd of
people, both straight and gay. Having dinner there was an experience in
watching muscle men. The food was good and reasonably priced, as were the
drinks. They often found themselves inspired to go home and have hot sex
after a couple hours of beef on parade. They had Preteen Vagina finished dinner and were
sitting on end stools at the bar watching the crowd when one of the very
attractive customers began chatting with them. They picked up on the fact
that the guy was obviously interested and eager to hook up with them. They
chatted a bit longer getting to know this guy but the bulging basket proved
very distracting to Kyle.”By the way, this is Mark Sands and I’m Kyle Bell.” Kyle shook the
stranger’s hand and felt the heat travel across his palm.”Bell, eh? There’s a guy at my gym named Bell and you sort of look like
him.”"Oh, Tom, yeah, he’s my brother.”"Really? Cool. I’m Woody. Woody Stoddard.”Eric had gone out of his way the rest of the week to make up for Monday
night to Tom. His attentiveness, coupled with Bill and Steve’s visit, had
Tom smiling from ear to ear despite the fact that his Preteen Vagina butt was getting a
bit worn out. But he wasn’t complaining, in fact the guys at the gym were
having a great deal of fun waiting everyday to see the expression on Tom’s
face. Tom was a bit concerned because Eric still seemed to be distracted
and not his normal self, but he didn’t want to pry into business that may
not have been any of his concern.With the weekend almost here, Tom was looking forward to constant fun with
his three buddies. Friday afternoon, he was beaming at the front desk
greeting gym members as they arrived. Red was beginning to think Tom had
gone completely Stepford, when Dell put the whole situation in perspective.”Oh, for heaven sake, wipe that damned smile off your face. It’s not like
you’re the only person around here getting dick.” Richard snorted coffee
through his nose and stood at the end of the cafe counter coughing.Red looked up from folding Preteen Vagina more towels. “Oh like we’re not supposed to know
you guys are entertaining each other. You two have been walking around
here smiling all week. We think it’s great, and it’s not like we have a
policy against it or anything.”"Well, it has been fun. Richard has surprised me all week.” Dell took a
moment to gloat.”Like we couldn’t tell from the permanently erect nipples. You could poke
an eye out with those.” Red turned to Richard who was trying his best to
look inconspicuous. “So, what technique do you use?” Richard quietly got
up, walked across the entryway to Red’s office and jerked his head for Red
to follow him. Several minutes later, Red walked out tucking his shirt
back into his jeans. He smiled at Dell, “Guess you can learn something new
everyday.”"I know I have this week,” Tom chirped up again and everyone groaned.”What have you learned this week?” Kyle and Mark Preteen Vagina walked in just in time to
hear the end of the conversation.”Hey little brother, just talking about some new sexual experiences.”"Oh we had a bit of that last night with a guy we met at the restaurant who
also works out here.”"And who might that be?”"Woody.”Red’s head jerked up, “You fucked around with Woody?”"Yeah, quite a talented man.”"Evidently. He does seem to get around.” Red glanced over at Richard and
Dell.”Oh, well, he claims, big brother, to have done you in the showers
downstairs.”"What? I haven’t fooled around with any of the members.” He held his
finger up at Red. “Bill and Steve don’t count, they took advantage of me,
and I knew them.”"Well, he swears it was the owner and the description sure fits you.”Dell looked at Richard as he walked back behind the cafe counter. “Or
Eric.” Richard looked at him quizzically and followed him back to his
office.”Well, he’s making that one up.” Tom announced smugly. “I’m a gym
virgin.”"Now there’s something you don’t hear everyday.”Kyle and Mark just laughed at Red’s comment and went downstairs to change
for their workout.Tom leaned against the counter and asked Red who Woody was. “Obviously,
someone who likes to fantasize about sex with you.”"But why would he say that if it isn’t true?”"Maybe he’s trying to impress people. Don’t let it bother you. I’ll point
him out sometime if he is here when you are also.”Vic and Joe met at the gym for their workout and start of a busy weekend.
They had also switched to the new Pratt supplements and noticed the
difference in their workout results. It didn’t hurt that their sex drive
was also riding high. They hurriedly showered and took off for dinner.
The restaurant they chose was packed. It was at least a forty-minute wait,
which they decided to do at the bar. As they found stools and Preteen Vagina got
comfortable, a guy sitting near them started a conversation.”Don’t you guys work out at the Dog Pound Gym?” Joe looked at the guy and
immediately felt his dick start to stiffen. The man’s dark good looks and
perfect body were enough to get any gay man hard.”Yeah, do you go there too?” Joe watched the man’s chest flex in the tight
shirt as he slid off his stool to take the one next to them.”Yeah, pretty good place and lots of hot men.” Is that where you guys
met?”"Not exactly,” Vic had finally recognized him as the guy they had seen in
the parking lot with Eric. “We met before the gym opened, so we weren’t
gym buddy’s yet.”"Well, I bet you guys have had your share of fun in the place, like even
with the owner.” Vic became suspicious of the guy’s path in the
conversation and decided no to give him any information.”No, we never fool around at the gym, too risky.”"Oh not if you time it right.” He gave them a sly grin and Joe kicked
Vic’s foot.”So, you’re meeting lots of guys there then?”"My share, keeps me very happy.” He groped his hard cock in his snug jeans
and squeezed it for them to see.”Uh, I think our table is ready, so if you’ll excuse us, nice chatting with
you, enjoy yourself at the gym.” Vic got up and walked toward the hostess.
Joe felt a hot hand on his basket as he slid by the man in the crowd.”Thanks, but my dance card is filled.’”Oh too bad, well, you know what they say, so many men, so little time.’”Yeah, they do say that don’t they, have a good evening, enjoy your meal.”Joe sat down at the corner table across from Vic. “Something about that
guy that I don’t trust.”"He’s the guy we saw in the parking lot with Eric.” Joe’s eyes lit up in
recognition. They watched as Woody sat at the bar and kept checking his
watch. Whoever he was waiting for, was late. About 30minutes later he
left alone.”Well, there goes our shot at a three way.” Joe looked at the door as Woody
left. “That’s OK, I need you all to my self tonight.”"Good I prefer your dick up my ass anyway.” Vic excused himself to go to
the men’s room and took a quick look outside. He saw Woody get into a
black Neon and just sit there. He memorized the plate number and went to
borrow a pen to write it down.When he got back to the table, Joe was squirming in his chair. “What’s
wrong?”"Nothing, my dick is rock hard and I am so fucking horny I can’t stand it.”"Well, try to control yourself, I intend to have dessert too.”"Hey, copper, you are dessert, mine.” Vic felt hid own dick go hard and
figured a fuck was as good as a piece of pie anytime. They got into Joe’s
truck and Vic reached for the big bulge in Joe’s pants. “Be careful, that
puppy’s loaded and might go off.”"That’s what I am counting on several times tonight.” As they pulled out
of the parking lot, a familiar looking truck pulled in and parked next to
the Neon. “Is that Eric?”"I can’t tell and we can’t sit here blocking traffic, shit.” Joe pulled
out into traffic and did a U-turn at the next corner.”Hey, that’s illegal, I should give you a ticket.”"Officer, how bout a blowjob?”"Are you trying to bribe me?’”Yes.”"It’s working. I don’t see either the car or the truck, damn.” Vic leaned
back in the truck seat and sighed, while Joe groped the big, cop meat
through the tight jeans.”I think we need to get home and fuck.”"Oh man, do we ever.” Vic leaned over and began licking Joe’s jeans as
they sped home.Comments - suggestions? Lennoxbearaol.com
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